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Welcome to the Mac OS MUD Zone: Utilities

  • Bhellom, Mirkwood MUD's Area Builder
    Bhelliom is the editor application for Mirkwood MUD. There are both Mac and Windows versions of the application.

  • Ben's MUSHCode Unformatter
    Ben's MUSHCode Unformatter is a tool to get rid of formatting commonly found in public MUSH softcode. Ben Jansen took some code written by Andrew Molitor, cleaned it up, and has gotten it to compile on a number of platforms such as Mac OS X (Carbon), Mac OS, Darwin, PPC GNU/Linux, x86 GNU/Linux, DOS, and Win95/Win98.

    New in v2.0, the Mac OS X version is a Cocoa-based application. Loses portability, but now is nice and Mac user-friendly. :-)

  • GameRanger
    GameRanger provides a completely customized Macintosh-friendly environment for players to meet worthy opponents, organize and play games, discuss strategies, and exchange tricks and ideas.

  • OTChat
    OTChat is a personal TCP/IP chat server. NetRPG is a chat server which allows groups of people to role-play over the net (provides you with just about every tool and thing a role-player will need).

  • MUD Porting Tutorial
    Dan Williams has written a tutorial on porting MUD servers to (classic) Mac OS. It includes a PDF with all the information you need, plus CodeWarrior projects and a porting of the original DikuMUD gamma distribution.

  • MuddTicker
    Both applications are "tick counters" -- useful for Diku-style MUDs where time is sliced into "ticks", and you'd like to anticipate the tick. DikuTicker is small and simple. MuddTicker has a few extra bells and whistles.

  • DyerMaker
    DyerMaker Docs
    DyerMaker is an EnvyMUD area editor written by James Gorham. Implemented as a Perl script, it's all command-line and not very Mac-like, but supposedly it does the job (plus you have the full source here to edit and customize as needed).

  • EdScheme Area Scripts
    Curtis Huttenhower sent me some area building scripts that work with EdScheme. AreaReader displays areas in a graphical format. AreaWriter helps you write the areas.

  • dikued
    dikued is a DikuMUD area editor, originally written to run on Unix machines. It generates files that work with the original Gamma format, so any output would need to be tweaked to work with other MUDs like MERC or Envy. Plus, a great deal of massaging work to the .def files will be needed to generate any meaningful output for your particular MUD.



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