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Welcome to the Mac OS MUD Zone: News


28 August 2006
Added links to Atlantis, a modern MUSH/MUX/MUCK/MOO client.
10 April 2006
Added links to JamochaMUD, a Java-based client, and Bhelliom, an area editor for Mirkwood MUD.
27 March 2005
The long awaited source code to Rapscallion has finally been posted.
13 March 2003
Added MudWalker to the Clients page.
27 January 2003
Added hydraMUD to the Clients page.
19 February 2002
Got off my butt and finally added LDMud to the Servers page.
3 December 2001
Added instructions on how to compile ROM 2.4b6 under Mac OS X to the Servers page.
22 October 2001
Added Ben's MUSHCode Unformatter 2.0 released.
26 July 2001
Whoops! I screwed up and put Cantrip on the Servers page when it really belongs on the Clients page.
10 July 2001
Added LegendWeaver to and updated information about Rapscallion on the Clients page. Added a note to the Servers page about CocoaMUD, a new MUD server for Mac OS X!
15 June 2001
Added Ben's MUSHCode Unformatter.
12 February 2001
Updated information about MacGoesMOO.
30 January 2001
Updated various tidbits in the servers and utilities areas regarding PennMUSH for Mac and Dan William's DikuMUD for Mac OS/MUD porting tutorial.
28 October 2000
Added more information to the servers page about DGD and getting CircleMUD running on the Mac OS X public beta.
5 June 2000
DikuMUD for Mac OS was added to the servers list.
7 March 2000
Eternal Insomnia added to the servers list. Interesting new project.
15 Feburary 2000
PennMUSH for Mac is back online. I've updated the Servers area to reflect that. Glad to have you back, Dan! :-)
7 February 2000
I reuploaded all of the binary downloadable files. There should be no more corrupt files and no more problems downloading (at least from my end). If you do download a file and have corruption problems, do contact me regarding the corrupted file, but also check your browser settings to ensure it's downloading files correctly.
7 January 2000
Updated the links for MUD/Mac OS. It's back!
29 December 1999
Moving to new (and better) home at hsoi.net.


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