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Welcome to the Mac OS MUD Zone: Clients

  • Atlantis
    Atlantis is a MUSH/MUX/MUCK/MOO client (tho any MU* could technically use it). It seeks to embrace modern Mac OS X technologies such as being a Universal binary, supporting Growl. It also has features such as 'Spawn' support, shared world settings, versatile windowing, HTML log files, user defined hotkeys and aliases, an advanced event system, SSL-encryption, MCCP support, and perl scripting.

  • JamochaMUD
    JamochaMUD is an open source MUD/Muck client written in Java. It offers Unicode, plug-in, and multilanguage support to allow a more enjoyable MUCKing/MUDding experience. It features command history, synchronized window controls, experimental SOCKS 5 support, and greatly improved ANSI colour support. It plays nice on Unix systems, supports a wide range of MU*s, and also includes emulation of some TinyFugue editor controls. JamochaMUD will sue either Java 1.1. or higher versions (automatically), and includes classes to be easily reused in other Java applications. Systems running later versions of Java will have more features available in JamochaMUD.

    10 April 2006 - Hsoi - I have not tried JamochaMUD, just saw it listed in an osx.freshmeat.net RSS feed and thought it'd be worth listing here. Being Java, it should run on Mac OS X and give Mac users more MU* client options (and hopefully one that won't languish).

  • MudWalker
    MudWalker is an in-development MUD client for Mac OS X. Written in Cocoa, it supports telnet, MCP, ANSI color, and TWin protocols; supports extended character sets including Unicode and Windows encodings; automatic login scripts and automatic logging; and numerous other features. As well, full source code is available.

  • hydraMUD
    hydraMUD by Kelvin Nishikawa is a pure Cocoa MUD client for Mac OS X. This client was written from the ground up for speed and standards compliance. Currently in alpha, it already features socket-based connections, embedded Perl RE, strict vt100 and RFC compliance, and the smartest url parser available. (Kelvin's words, not Hsoi's). ;-)

  • Cantrip
    Cantrip is a new MUD client effort by James Callender. It's been building for a little while now and is turning into a good basic client.

  • LegendWeaver
    LegendWeaver is a new, developing MUD client by Tom Carlson. This client is in a developmental/test form, but life on the cutting edge can always add that extra bit of excitement to the next battle you have with the Dragon of Klaas-Blah. ;-)

    2 April 2003 - Bummer news. I emailed Tom about the fact the LegendWeaver web pages disappeared, and it seems to be due to the fact that his Mac died and he's been unsuccessful at retrieving the source code from the dead machine. So it looks like, at least until further notice, LegendWeaver is a dead (no pun intended) project. :-(

  • Mud-Haven
    Mud-Haven is a comprehensive telnet based client designed specifically for mudding. The features of automation give players of any mud a significant advantage, and its graphical interface makes the entire experience less dry and more enjoyable overall.

  • Rapscallion
    Rapscallion is a highly advanced MUD client, designed to suit all styles of MUD, and all styles of mudding.

    It is currently the Mac client of choice on many MUDs, MOOs, MUSHes, MUVEs, chat servers and others, and some of its more unusual features make it ideal for other uses, such as the Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

    Hsoi 27 March 2005 - Andy Lewis sent me an email today saying that he has posted the source code to Rapscallion on the Rapscallion web site. So, have at it. :-)

    Hsoi 13 December 2003 - It appears that Andy is alive and well, but Rapscallion is not. Like so many things in life well... life got in the way of Rapscallion's development. Since he's no longer able to develop it, he has opted to make Rapscallion free by posting a serial number to his web site along with the 2.0.2 installer. He also has a half-Carbonized version posted on his site, and at least as of this writing has also promised to post the source code for Rap to his site so that perhaps someone out there could pick up and continue development (source isn't posted yet, I don't know when it will be, just keep checking the Rapscallion web site).

  • Savitar
    Savitar is a software application designed to connect people using Macintosh computers to MUVE (Multi-user Virtual Environment) servers.

  • MudWrestler
    MudWrestler is a MUD client for Mac OS. It provides triggers, aliases, macros, variables, replacements, gags, a built-in ticker, and a pretty whizzy interface. It runs on both 68K and PowerPC-based Macs over either MacTCP or Open Transport (at least v1.1).

    Last I checked, MudWrestler was still in development by Kyle Maxwell. But since I've not heard from Kyle nor anything about MudWrestler in a LONG time, I figure it's probably a dead project. I don't even know if it still works or not.

  • MacMOOSE
    MacMOOSE is a client program designed to make it easier to program MOOs and MOOSEs.

  • MacMUSH
    MacMUSH is a client for MUSH-type servers. It's pretty old and I have no idea if it still works.

  • Mudling
    Oriented towards combat-style MUD, Mudling was one of the first Mac clients written. It's pretty old, don't know if it works, and no work will ever be done on it in the future as the source code for the application was lost in a disk crash. What you see is what you get.

  • MUDDweller
    MUDDweller was one of the first well-working MUD clients for the Mac. Geared more towards role-playing than combat MUDs, MUDDweller ports vt100 terminal emulation (for those of you that are old enough to know what that is).

    As with many of the other projects here, MUDDweller is no longer maintained. But I happen to have the full source available (tho I'm sure it will take a LOT of work to get it working again). I also have a more complete archive that contains not only the source code and compiled binary, but also the MPW Projector files.

  • Telnet Clients
    The above link provides a listing of Mac-hosted telnet clients. While they don't have all the whizzy MUD-specific features, they certainly can work as a MUD client.



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